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All practical driving tests are competency based and objective. All tests by Transport and Main Roads staff are conducted in accordance with Q-SAFE policy and procedures and are delivered consistently across the state. Q-SAFE was developed through a process of extensive consultation and is regularly updated to reflect any changes to the Queensland Road Rules.

Principal Advisors (Driver Assessment) are employed to analyse driver testing data including driving examination standards and pass/fail rates.

What do I do after I have passed the practical driving test?

All practical driving tests are competency basIf you hold a learner license or foreign license, you are required to pay the license fee before your provisional (P1 or P2 type) or open license can be issued.

If you already hold a current Queensland provisional (P1 or P2 type) or open license, a new license showing the upgraded class, will be issued to you.

You must also remove your L-plates before you leave the centre and replace with the relevant P-plates. You are no longer a learner license holder. Displaying L-plates on a vehicle when you are not the holder of a learner license carries a fine. Not displaying a P-plate also carries a fine as well as two demerit points.

What if I fail the practical driving test?

If you fail the test, do not panic. Although it feels like it, it is not the end of the World.

The driving examiner will tell you exactly why you failed and what driving tasks or skills you specifically need to work on, together we will work on those tasks and book another test for you.

What do I need to do to take the test?

Bring your current learner, provisional or open Queensland or foreign license with you and the money needed for your new license. Currently $79.00 for one year or $169.00 for five years. The second option is by far the cheapest and less than half the price of doing it yearly. It will see you through red and green P’s and then three years of your open license.

Test fees for our vehicle are currently $165.00 which includes the test booking fee we pay to TMR $58.oo, half hour pretest drive and car hire for the test. Pick up and drop home is included.

You will be picked up from your choice of location 45 minutes prior to testing and we will practice manoeuvers and drive for 30 minutes.

We will arrive at the TMR centre 10 minutes before the time allocated for the test to fill out some paperwork, Driver License Application/Renewal (form F3000)

Our motor vehicles are guaranteed to pass scrutiny and be up to test vehicle standard.

Note: If your license is in a language other than English you must carry a recognised English translation of the license.

When will I be told what driving tasks I must do on the test?

You will be assigned a driving examiner who will make the following statement to you before you start your test.

"Q-SAFE is designed to evaluate your ability to drive safely and correctly in different driving situations which may include a variety of speed zones. I will be asking you to perform a series of driving tasks throughout your driving test. You will be given clear instructions in ample time. If I don't give you any specific directions, please follow the road and be directed by the road signs, signals and markings."

Listen carefully to the driving examiner's instructions and ask for clarification if you do not understand any part of an instruction before you start your test. The driving examiner cannot answer any questions that may influence your driving performance once the test begins.

You will be expected to perform the driving tasks according to the road rules.

You will not be asked to do anything illegal or unsafe.

If your test vehicle is fitted with blind-spot mirrors, you must still look over your shoulder to make sure there are no vehicles in either blind spot.

Turn off your mobile phone during the test.

After you have completed all the driving tasks, the driving examiner will direct you back to the testing centre. The driving examiner will discuss the results of your test with you on your return to the centre.


There are important legislative factors at stake when applying for your licence in Queensland. You'll find information about when you can take your test to what you'll need in preparation to succeed.


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